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One simple clue, no header on that side of the motor, a sprint car would have a V8, headers on both sides of the engine. The photo is sort of an optical illusion, the car looks big, but it is Chuck's midget. If I'm not mistaken the first time this car ran it caught fire, not a bad fire I think it blew and engine. Jack DeShon had a couple real hard flips in that car, one at Belleville, one at Eagle Raceway outside of Lincoln, NE. I saw both those wrecks. In fact I was pitting for Bob Harr, and the DeShon's asked me to help drive them home, as Jack was very "loopy", it was in hot laps and he took a nasty barrel roll down the back chute. Then one year Jack got caught up in a multi car disaster in a heat race at the Belleville Midget Nationals, and tore the car up again. I believe Bob Harr entirely rebuilt the lower frame, I remember seeing it in the Harr's shop on a couple of occasions. I hot lapped this car a Lakeside Speedway on night, it was one of the most comfortable midgets I ever sat in, neat car, interesting history.

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