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Default Re: Miles "The Mouse" Melius

I was there that night, too, John, tore me up watching that wreck! Then he shows back up! That is tough! I have lived in Memphis now for the last 15 years, retired from the restaurant business in 97 (Did my chef's apprenticeship at the Pfister Hotel) and now play music , full time, for a living. Such as it is! lol Lots of memories of the MSC era of racing. My older brother raced a 53/4 Chevy sportsman he bought from Roger Regath, Paul Feldner used to come around the house, Roger Plautz and Tim Lipski and myself all built models together as kids, before I turned to rock'n'roll and they started racing! I tried to be a sign painter, Artie Dexter was my hero, lettered a few sportsmen and a modified before I realized I wasn't that good!
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