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Default Re: Continental Divide Raceways - Castle Rock, CO.

I was at the 150 . The admission price ate a huge hole in my lawn mowing money , but it was well worth it . It was the first time i got to see all of the Indy stars at one time . I still remember the sound of those DOHC Fords echoing of of the hills around the track .
I also got to see the USAC stock cars there and the Trans-Am race as well . About 5 years ago i ran across a program from the USAC stock car race at CDR . It was at a booth at the Zephyrhills show in Florida . Decided to keep walking and go back by the booth later to buy it . You can probably guess the end of that story . Even went to a number of drag races there , remember seeing Eddie Hill's twin engine Pontiac dragster with the dual rear tires , and all of the Colorado drag racing stars of the day . I think Ivo was there that day too .
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