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Default "The Toby Jug, Bull & Bush, Ichabod's" Classic

O.K, memory straining time. As I recall, in 1975 and 1976 the Colorado National Speedway open wheel season, started with a afternoon split show, midgets and sprint cars. 3 area bar and grills were the sponsor, Toby Jug was on east Hampden at so. Yosemite, Bull & Bush was at 4700 Cherry Creek Drive, Ichabod's was at 7095 e. Evans. I think midget owner Bob Morrison had an interest in these restaurants. It was always dusty, dry slick, usual day show conditions for a dirt track. However, the midget main event both years, was simply spectacular, it was a 4 car fight every lap of the 25 lap main, and all four cars finished under a blanket at the checkered flag, truly amazing race. Strangely it was nearly the same 4 cars and drivers both years! Here's where my memory fails me, in 1975 it was Dave Strickland Sr., Eddie Jackson, Spyder Anderson, and Steve Troxell, all in Edmunds built VW's, Troxell the lone wolf in a Edmunds SESCO Chevy. In 1976 I think Sam Sauer replaced Troxell in the top 4, Sam was in Bob Olds LTC built VW, but I really can't remember for sure, anyway 2 fantastic midget races. I don't remember the sprint car main events, I'm looking for info, and will add it when I find it.

Strickland Sr.#1, Frank Mantello was in the "Hainds&Ludwig"#41 Edmunds SESCO Chevy, Steve Troxell in the #29. Gorgeous #4 sprinter on the trailer, wish I new the owner and driver.

Going at it full tilt, Strickland, Jackson, Troxell, Anderson is just out of the picture in 4th place.

Under green here, but this is how they finished under the checkers, I think Strickland Sr. won it, then Eddie, Spyder, and Troxell, I may be wrong. Spyder took a obvious hard hit to the tail! Not sure who's Chevy II is in the infield has a partial #8 on the tail?

Eddie Jackson did double duty, here he is in Frank Marcello's Edmunds #5 Sprint car.

Again, I don't remember a Grant King built, sprint car in Denver, but this #7 sure looks like one, don't know who's in the wheel house, anybody know??

This may be owned by Everett Hogan, old bolt on cage car, who's driving this #58?
Please, if any of you folks have better memories, or more details you can share, add to this thread!!
Forgot to thank RJ Butz for sending me these photo's, he is digging up some cool Denver midget history.
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