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Originally Posted by rapid30 View Post
Here is a great shot of Danny O'Connell's 4 door 55 from a 1968 Speed Wheels paper that was piloted by the great Wayne Stallsworth, this car was rebodied as a Nova and became the "Chevy II"
Thanks Bruce and 83x! Those 4-door '55-'57 cars at Lakeside and Englewood always caught my attention. Our cars up in Cheyenne were completely gutted from the driver back to the rear bumper. Our doors were just skins and we didn't use grills or full-stock front bumpers. But, those Colorado 4-door cars were still wicked fast even with all that extra weight in them.

Help me out here as my memory may be off on this one. Didn't the Caputo's build some trick '57 4-door cars to run at Lakeside in John Pachello's shop just north of the speedway on Sheridan Blvd? If so, was it Don or Fritz who drove them? ~VB
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