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Originally Posted by theflyinfireman View Post
Larry Ginardi had a Rambler (AMC) I drove it to a 3rd place in the championship standings in the 80's
It had gobs of torque, had to feather it coming off the corners or it would fry the tires even on the dirt.
Thanks for jogging my memory, I remember seeing a picture of that car. I also remember when Larry started racing at CNS, he had been helping Jack Capps (CARC #38) at Lakeside when Bob Couch and Jim Binkley told him about Gene Hefley's CNS, Larry's first car was a '56 Chevy hard top #3, Bob and Jim were running a '54 Buick hardtop. Larry, Bob and Jim helped me why my cars when I started racing at CNS, they were good guys and great friends. Bob Couch passed away in the mid 70's, I saw Jim Binkley in 2001, and I lost track of Larry after he moved transmission shop that was on Sheridan Boulevard a few blocks south of 64th Avenue. I was thinking that someone had told me that Larry passed away, or it was one of his family members, maybe it was Suzzy his wife, not sure, you know the memory works.

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