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Default LUCKY BEICKMAN - The Two Minute Interview

I can't even count the times I've watched Lucky Beickman lead a race and then self-destruct at the last second just inches from the finish line.

A colorful character at Englewood Speedway in the '70's and then Colorado National Speedway through the '90's, these 1992 clips tell more of the one they called Lucky.


JL: "Your Dad Clarence ran a Stocker for years, didn't he?"

LB: "The first car of Dad's that I remember was a '40 Ford coupe. He raced at Englewood in '59, '60, clear up to '64."

JL: "And you worked at the track?"

LB: "I started doing the same thing you did, I started selling programs out there when they were a nickel apiece."

JL: "When did you first get to race a car?"

LB: "I was 14 and sneaking in. I drove a Late Model of C.K. Jacks a couple of weeks. That was in '67. The Figure 8's didn't cost much and I had the balls for it, so I went out and had fun! But I didn't become a serious competitor until '76."

JL: "Then you had that light blue '55 Chevy."

LB: "Yeah, it was the car that taught me how to drive, how to build a race car."

JL: "Whenever you came out on the track that year, people were either booing or cheering you wildly."

LB: "Yeah, but that was okay. I had a screaming '55 Chevy. I called it "Defiance"."

JL: "Didn't your Dad and Lee Stogsdill once team up for the World Figure 8 Championships?"

LB: "Well, in '64 or '65, Lee Stogsdill borrowed Dad's car to take back to Islip to run the national with. It was a '53 Ford, six cylinder. Back then New York was running 6's and we were running V8's here. Larry Dechant with his 283 Chevys. Lee Stogsdill with his big Plymouths. They wouldn't let Lee run his own, so he took Dad's 6."

JL: "Any memorable races stand out to you?"

LB: "Out at Englewood I was running a different type of system for a radiator than anyone else, and I came in off a hot lap session with the engine hot. It popped the hood up and just drowned me with hot water and black pepper."

JL: "Black pepper?"

LB: "One of Chuck Jarman's girlfriends gave me the idea of running black pepper for stop leak, so I did! And it embedded my chest with black pepper. At the hospital they had to use Scotch tape to peel the pepper out of my chest. I made it back to the track just in time to make it into the main event and take second that night."

JL: "I've heard you guys used to pull some crazy stunts in the pits after a few refreshing beverages."

LB: "Yeah, just good ol' drunken fun. Cliff Hudson once offered me $100 to jump from the top of the old water tower down into his glass top Ford. (sighs) And I almost jumped."


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