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Default Re: LUCKY BEICKMAN - The Two Minute Interview

I actually worked for Lucky back in the late 70's--real early 80's--as a 2nd and sometimes 3rd job I had at one time back thenn---I worked for him at his shop on west Colfax--by the old Supershop store--also worked for him and his dad at the service station at 10th and Sheridan---here is 1 of MANY Lucky stories I could tell----one nite after work at the shop---Lucky decided he needed to fix the exhaust system on his mobile shop truckk--we ended up with the whole system on the floor and Lucky had built a NASCAR style exhaust setup, with mufflers---exiting (2 pipes) out the crowd side--loud and nasty and at ankle height---Lucky was just that way----kt---ps---I saw Lucky at the 2008 racers reunion---still going strong--just a little older--like the rest of us-----
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