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Thanks for the memories Mike, and hearing some names from that time also bought back some memories. I think Bill Clarke opened his own Auto Parts Store on the north End in Early 1970. I see make a reference to Ray Daniels There was a Daniels Chevy Dealer downtown that used to race the hill with Corvettes in the late 50's and early 60's. I See that GM just **** canned him so much for years of Service. I little off the subject but i do have a interesting story about Louie Unser. In i believe 68 or 69 they (USAC) told Louie he was to old to run the hillclimb. Louie loaded 2 or three officals in a New Olds Toro put the front wheel about 3 ft. from the edge and took off for the top. Even after that ride they still wouldn't let him race, go figure. There were hill climb cars in it seems like every garage.
Yep right you are they inverted every race and there was alot of good racing. They also had a rule that if you ran i believe 2 hundreds of second quicker in a race than you qualifed you were out. No sand bagging allowed.
1957 was the newest cars at the time ( at least in 1970) that were allowed.
They even Had a few that ran wagons. Chevys could run 30 over 265's Fords 292 and i believe Plymouth and Dodges 318's Never seen a Chrysler product at the track! 10" tire no quick change and i believe flat tappet Cams made for damn close racing. Larry Carnes was the Record holder at 13.25 but his car one of the nicest, Center steering and i was told a destroked 302 i no it would turn some RPM. He set that record i think on the first night of racing in 1970. It was a big deal as the fastest a midget time ever was a 13:14 What ever happened to Smitty's # 1 Garage He ran or sponsored several cars and then there was Bronco's Resturant the owner ran a 55 ford. 39 years have come gone and i still remember all those Sat. nights. Still have to Try to find that 1970 program and i hope some more picture show up to jog my memory bank.
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