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Default Re: JOE LEHMAN - The Two Minute Interview

Originally Posted by Jerry Lee View Post

(J.L. McGuire collection) Joe Lehman and his Super Modified from 1967.
I went to Englewood once in a while to watch the stockers/modifieds, I remember Joe Lehman running a 106 '32 Ford sedan and the #6 car pictured above.

Here is my question for the Englewood historians, The above #6 blue coupe with a cut down Ford Model A body. Did Joe ever run the #6 with a full size Ford Model A body, or did it begin life as a cut down.


I liked Joe's #6 well enough to build one of my slot cars that I raced in the 60's in to a Joe Lehman #6, it was built with a Monogram model kit 1930 Ford model A coupe body, I cut it down like Joe's car and painted it blue, in the cowl I put a grain-of-wheat (HO scale) red light bulb, I saw that Joe had one in His 1:1 car so naturally so did my modified slot car, that you can see closely in the cowl.

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