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Default Re: what's the difference?

hey dave...can"t speak for HPM rules...but ours..briefly..Bodies..39 or keep them vintage roller lifters... no gear drive cams...aluminum heads allowed on 604 crate motors...56% leftside wieght unless using 604 motor, then 60%....Cars must weigh 2100 pounds with driver after race at inspection, unless 604 motor, then 1900 pounds---tires are regulated by CNS and we can run same tires at I25...hoosiers....we also have wheelbase and other measurements far as bodies... i ran chucks car in the mid 80's and always liked the capri body it had on it at one time...i ran the 33 plymouth body the sammy s ran.......I am sure vern adler can fill us in on the HPM rules....kt
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