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Default Re: Aircraft engine in a Sprint Car

The driver in the roadster/ranger is the late Dell Fanning.
Still building them! see below:

Below are the project highlights.
The crew listed at the bottom of this page are all oval track racing veterans. All started in the 1950s and each has driven, built and/or owned oval track racecars. These include Sprint Cars, Midgets and Modifieds. Although considered senior citizens, they have not lost their desire or abilities to promote auto racing through the building of the only type of racecar that is affordable today, a vintage oval Sprint Car.

The chosen engine is also affordable. It is a Ranger aircraft engine built in the 1940s by Fairchild Aircraft. In the 1950s, this engine regularly beat the famed Offenhauser engine in Sprint Cars running primarily in the Northwest and Midwest. At that time, the Ranger engine was only slightly modified to run in a race car.

The chassis is the creation of Jerry Day, DBA Ram Race Cars, a veteran Northwest designer and chassis builder. His cars have won many championships with Jerry and others driving, notables were Bobby Marshall, Dub May and Jan Opperman, Jerry has chronicled the building of this racecar as a continuing monthly feature in the national magazine “Vintage Oval Racing.” Perhaps this monthly article will give racecar builders direction and encourage the proper methods of construction, which has become an almost lost art.

This project car will resemble a 1960s Indy style Offenhauser roadster, reflecting the creative artistry of those 50s and 60s craftsmen; unlike the buy-and-bolt-together “kit” cars and “crate” engines that are now prevalent. The engine will use modern alloy pistons, camshaft, interior engine coatings and lubricants. Those modifications cost more than an entire 50s racecar.

Now, the senior citizens could use some help. It costs more money today to build even a vintage racecar. In short, they need some sponsors. This project is looking primarily for parts and equipment sponsors. Will you consider assisting with this project by being a sponsor?

We urge you to subscribe to Victory Lane and Vintage Oval Racing Magazines, one of our national sponsors, who have donated a portion of new subscriptions to this project. Please tell them you want the Ranger Roadster Project credited. telephone 650-321-1411

Vince Lazore

310 505-3100
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