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Default Re: What did it say on that car??

Lets see, Linus Deiling had a Charlie Brown caroon holding a steering wheel.

Clarence Krieger was known as "Tiger" and was referred to by the annoncer as "The Mayor of Garden City." That's because he actually was or still is the mayor of Garden City, Colorado, a smalltown outside Greeley.

Tak Shirimizu had C/A drag car that was nickamed "Tak's Toy". The driver sat in the back seat and engine was where the front seat was supposed to be. Tak's son Gary was the driver and the car held several national records. This car would lift the front wheels with each shift, it was really fun to watch. Incidentally, the car was actually a German Ford Taunus. It was the German answer to the English Ford Anglia. The Taunus resembled a mini '40 Ford tudor.

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