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Default Re: ENGLEWOOD SPEEDWAY 50s Jalopy Action

Originally Posted by parrot View Post
Hey Jerry Lee, keep 'em coming. Loving all the old photos that you dig up. Remember well that #39 of Jay Malloy, Jim and Jerry's dad. That year, 1955, they all had tree identically prepared cars, #35, 37 & the 39 you posted. Painted in a DeSoto paint scheme, they were among my favorites. Must have been a photo taken of that threesome back then, but I"ve never seen one. Like to find it.
There was one, in the 1955 programs printed by the Barnum Publishing Company, and published the Herald Dispatch, the photo featured the cars 35, 37 and 39, with Jim, Jerry and Jay Malloy standing behind their cars. Barnum Publishing printed programs for Englewood and Lakeside, for CARC, RMSCRA and the RMMRA for a number of years. Barnum Publishing started with the Roaring Roadsters and the Midgets. J. Ivanhoe Rosenberg was the owner and operator of Barnum Publishing Co., and the Herald Dispatch; Ivan as he was known was also a club member of CARC at Lakeside Speedway, and at one point was the light man, he also got hit by one of the stockers while walking toward the pits with his back to the oncoming traffic, Ivan was thrown up against the south turn guard rail, I'm not sure if it during hot laps, or before or after an event, he spent quite a while in the hospital. Maybe Joe Rosenberg or Gary Rosenberg can fill you all in on the details. I worked for Ivan at the Barnum Publishing for a year or so in the arly 60's, I saw the old programs photos and zincs photos mounted on wood for printing; for the time period with the roadsters, midgets and stockers they printed some really programs.

Sadly I don't have any of those by gone days items, I believe time took a toll on all the old material, and were probably tossed with a lot of other stuff not realizing that some day that would be vital in the auto racing history in Denver and the Rocky Mountain area. When I do find such items for sale the cost at time is prohibitive.
By the way Jerry Lee, since you have some programs from Englewood, wondered if you have a 1957 edition? Looking for a listing of Ed Jackson who might have been at Englewood then.

Junior Boyes or it is Garland Boyes, I think his number if it is listed would be 180 or 180x. Junior was a friend of my brother's and that was when I got the stock car and midget bug, of course my dad was instrumental in my interest in cars and auto racing.

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LAKESIDE - Late at night by the old Lakeside Speedway, you can hear the ghosts - The barking, crackling "Flathead Fords", the zinging "Chevy Stove Bolt's", The rumbling of the "KK-Offy's", and the snarling "Ford V8-60's". Listen and faintly hear the announcer say, "Ladies and gentlemen, the line up for the trophy dash," and the place would erupt with the mix echoes of cheers and boo's...Remember...
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