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Default Re: Ralph Huntsinger

Parrot, Thank you for posting these photos. As I stated in an earlier post, Ralph Huntsinger was my boyhood hero.
In 1960 my Dad took me to my first Sabers show. The CARC had a club display that included Jerry Malloy's '32 5-window silver #16 with the flip-up body, the Jack Backman Sr./Bob Robinson #88 '32 Vic that was sponsored by Denver Bumper and had a lot of chrome, and Chuck Sorenson's '34 3-window orange #25 "Lil Two bits". I was hooked. As it turned out my mother worked with a lady, Helen Madonia, who's daughter Mary Lou was married to Bob Huntsinger, Ralph's brother. Her son Johnny Madonia was on Sorenson's pit crew. On Memorial day weekend of '60 I go to Lakeside for the first time, one night with my folks and the Huntsingers and the next night with Shirley Madonia and the Sorenson family. Shirley's dad John Sweetser had a Lakeside car #60 and her mother Eleanor drove in the powderpuff races. Bob and Mary Lou took me over to the Huntsingers garage where I met Ralph and got to check out #49. It was black and I remember it with yellow numbers. I got to go to the Lakeside fireworks show with them too. Ralph's mom used to stop by our house and pick me up on Sunday afternoon on her way to the races. We eventually moved away a my mom got a different job so I lost touch. That summer was pretty special to kid that was 11 going on 12.

Sadly Ralph passed away several years ago. Mary Lou left us as well and in todays newspaper was a funeral notice a Robert O. Huntsinger. I'm pretty sure that was Bob's middle initial.

Thank you to Parrot and carc7 for providing these photos, they are very much appreciated.

Ralph and his wonderful family made a big difference in a kids life. When I started racing I used #48, I didn't want use Ralph's number out of respect, he's the one that's remembered for it. Rest in peace Ralph, you're still my hero and I will never forget you and your family

Chris Ertler
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