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Default Re: Ralph Huntsinger

Parrot, Thank you once again for these photos. The Sorenson's car was definately a nice looking car. I seem to remember it got sold midway through the 1960 season and wound up at Englewood. I remember it coming back for the Metropolitan championship race that year as #125, the new owner just added the numeral one. You know, I don't remeber if I ever saw the Sweetser car. I think it was Shirley Madonia who told me her dad's old number was #60. I think I remember Mrs. Sweetser driving Rocco Blasi's #14 Toledo Scales car. The #60you posted could very well be the car, I just don't remember.

Many thanks, Sir, You've helped bring back a lot of memories that had been filed away for way too long.

Chris Ertler
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