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Default Re: The Golden Chariot and Ed Mailo

The "Golden Chariot" was a beutiful car for sure. Pat VanDyke won the CARC "Best Looking" car award in 1966. If I remember what Ed Mailo told me I think it was either in hot laps or on one of the hot lap days that the car was wrecked. I think sombody lost an engine or a radiator in front of them and it was a chain reaction deal. After the wreck Pat and company put his old white over brown deuce 5-window that Bob Fulk used to drive as #50 back in action temporarily. When the car returned the Vic body was gone in favor of a gold Model A coupe. Wasn't as unique but still a great looking car.

Now for something most people don't know about Pat VanDyke. At the time he was at Lakeside he was getting hassled by a neighbor about working on his cars. This was not just calling the police about noise or working too late, it was also to zoning about getting them to stop altogether. Denver zoning agreed with Pat but a lawsuit was filed in District Court. Pat and Denver zoning won but the plaintiff appealed all the way to the State of Colorado Supreme Court. Again Pat and Denver Zoning won. The decision is still valid.
The name is Shumate v Zimmerman. Case #23426 August 26, 1968. Cite as444 P2 D 872. I'm not a lawyer but it basically says you can work on your cars in your garage for your hobby. I used this once myself on a neighbor who was hassling me.

Chris Ertler
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