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The #50 car was named "The Nifty Fifty". Pat VanDyke had a automotive repair shop called A-1 Truck and Auto. It is still in operation. Pat VanDyke passed on last year, and his son, Mike continues to run the day to day work load. In the 60's, I had a Denver Post paper route. Our paper station was on west 44th Ave., just west of Tejon. When Pat opened his shop on 44th just east of Zuni St., I could not resist stopping by the shop when I saw that they had a Lakeside modified. Pat put me to work tearing down old motor blocks and heads and letting feel like I was part of the deal. I think he paid me 75cents a block or head. There was another body (#50) in back of the shop, and I talked Pat into letting me have it. Mike Barney and I devised a plan to get it to my Mom's house at 48th and Clay St. We teetered the front of the body on the seat of one bicycle and rear on another. We made it home but we stopped a lot of traffic in the process. I thought I could build a racer. Dream on. The body was scrapped within a month.
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