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Default Re: Ghosts of Race Tracks gone by.

Here are some pics that Jerry has taken a couple of years ago.These really give you the feeling of a dying race track.

“What were once small weeds are now big trees growing up through what’s
left of Lakeside Speedway. I took these pics Labor Day weekend 2007.” –Jerry Lee
(J.L.M. collection)

(J.L.M. collection)
“This is what the North entrance to Lakeside Speedway looks like nowadays.
The refreshment stand is on the left while junk and debris fill the walkway.
Note the trees have grown so thick that they block the way to the East stands.” –Jerry Lee

(J.L.M. collection)
“Here’s the West grandstands looking where the start/finish line would be.
The thicket of weeds and trees are reaching the seats in the front row at
this point. The seats are covered in at least an inch of bird droppings.” –Jerry Lee

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