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Default Re: Unidentified Colorado Midget Photos

Originally Posted by Thomas E View Post
Great photo. If the year is 1952, it wouldn't be Eddie Jackson. I believe it was 1956 that Eddie bought the 5 car from Lloyd Axel. But it's hard to tell. But I do see a 1955 or 1956 Chevrolet Cameo Pick-up sitting behind the number 1.

Pete Ducker's '32 Ford here

Pete Ducker's last race, 1953 here
Got me thumbing through my scrapbooks on this one. It didn't become Skyland Ford until at least 1955 or maybe 1956 when owner Bob Jones took over the Davis Ford agency. Ruling out 1955 because the #1 is neither of the #1 Lakeside cars from that year. It's a '34 Ford 3 window, and Gordon Herring drove one of those in '55 as #9. Whether or not it's the same car that has been re-numbered for '56, (I don't remember it) 1956 is my guess since Mr Herring was the driver of a #1 then.
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