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Default Re: Unidentified Colorado Midget Photos

Sorry gang, been in Maine for a week, then had my brother in town with his whole family, for 5 days, first chance I've had to catch up!! Top Photo is the 1/2 mile paved oval at CDR, 1960, Ed Jackson's #5, #67 ahead of Jackson is Jim LaBriola, #92 is eventual winner Tommy Rice. The outside row, #96 is Russ Sweedler, #31 could be Sid Blanford's car, the #48 is John McDaniels Offy with Bobby Unser driving.
Next photo Lakeside Speedway, not sure of the year, I've never seen the #6 before, but Spyder Anderson is #41, Eddie Jackson #5, Gene Pastor #3, can't tell who's in the last car.
3rd photo, Englewood, probably 1959, Tommy Rice in his own Offy #92, Jim LaManna in Ade Butlers #1 V8-60, and Eddie Jackson in his famous #5.
Next photo is 1960 at Lakeside, that's Bob James #8 Offy, Jim Smith was the driver Cal Chambers and another car had crashed, Smith hit the oil, water and other pieces on the track and flipped, the front wheel and tire still attached to the tie rod, swung around and hit Smith in the head, he died of his injury's several month's after this.
The 6th photo is Grier Manning in #42 a Kurtis copy with a Chevy II, Dale Reich is in his Edmunds Offy #68 (a beautiful chrome yellow with silver leaf numbers, I always liked that car), and Eddie Jackson in his #5 Kurtis Kraft Offy powered midget, yeah Englewood Speedway maybe 1968, 69 or 70?
The #6 car under the photo of Roy Leslie, is Gene Pastor in a car built by Vic Feldt, off the top of my head, Feldt built 2 cars and built his own engines, this one may be an Offy. I think this is the car Warren Hamilton ended up with and he stretched it into a sprint car.
Jerry Lee, fantastic photo's!!! .

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