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Default Re: Unidentified Colorado Midget Photos

There are a lot great midgets. The #27 Rodriquez Offy, #5 Axel/Jackson offy, #3 Stockwell offy, #15 Barlett Falcon, #6 Hamilton Offy, #42 Manning Chevy II, #44 Walker Roadster . . . well you get the Idea.

Ray Koch's number 93 will always be number 1 with me. I first saw the #93 car in early 1951 on visit to Denver from South Dakota with my dad, it was at Englewood Speedway. The driver at that time was Don Padia, he also drove the #99 Codner Roaring Roadster.

We were not there the week Don was driving #93 and he had a bad crash, the injuries would prove to be too much, Don died about a month later. The track physician at that time I believe was Dr. Lilienthal, it was told that Doc Lilienthal stopped each day to check on Don and would stay for an hour or so until Don passed away.

In the early 60's I took two Monogram Midgets and made replicas of #93 for Ray and Frank, it took extra kits for those just right parts, gloss red and hand lettered. Were they surprised.

Those two model car builds were followed up with a #5, #6, #15, #55, #27, #1.

"Stay tuned for the greatest spectacle in racing" ~ Sid Collins

LAKESIDE - Late at night by the old Lakeside Speedway, you can hear the ghosts - The barking, crackling "Flathead Fords", the zinging "Chevy Stove Bolt's", The rumbling of the "KK-Offy's", and the snarling "Ford V8-60's". Listen and faintly hear the announcer say, "Ladies and gentlemen, the line up for the trophy dash," and the place would erupt with the mix echoes of cheers and boo's...Remember...

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