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Default GREG HIGGINS - The Two Minute Interview

Figure 8 multi-champion Greg Higgins had a style all his own on the 8, and on the oval in a Late Model stock car at Englewood Speedway. Higgins was always known to wear a drag racing mask while driving to protect his boyish good looks that most ladies in the stands were squealing about at the time.

This dusty ol' interview cassette from 1997 reveals the 'Master of the 8'.....


JL: "Hot lap day at Englewood in 1969 was not a good day for you as you not only totaled Kent Moore's Figure 8 at the pit entrance, but also wrecked your Late Model in the same place about 15 minutes later."

GH: "After that hot lap incident, all I remember seeing was our team jackets flying through the air! (laughs) The whole team was quitting!"

JL: "Didn't you get a nickname out of it?"

GH: "Ol' Crash Mullins started calling me 'Crunch' Higgins."

JL: "Have you ever been hurt real bad being drilled in the X?"

GH: "I've got the driver's door a few times, but, uh.....not bad. I never had any broken bones."

JL: "Didn't you break a leg driving for George Harper in '72?"

GH: "It was a motorcycle accident. I had everyone over to a new house I'd bought for a spaghetti dinner. I was giving them rides and it happened. I still ended up 6th place at the end of the season. There wasn't a year out there that I didn't finish in the top ten."

JL: "You also made a couple trips to New York for the World Figure 8 Championships. How did you do up there?"

GH: "Ah.....we had a third. In fact, I was within 3 laps of the win and they red-flagged the race. When I pulled in we were steaming, so the guys tore out the radiator, filled the block, and hooked the hoses together. Tried to finish the race and I melted the pistons."

JL: "Did you have any tricks to driving the 8?"

GH: "What I did that most guys didn't do was drive harder into the corners. I just pounded it in there harder. You're taking a big chance at slamming the wall but it might gain you a car length. I think the trick is you just got to get in hard on the corner and screw the consequences. You never look at the X like there's any traffic in it."

JL: "You didn't count the cars and try and time it?"

GH: "Aw, I used to do that and got sick to my stomache. Once you establish your dominance, only an idiot's going to try you 'cause they know you're going through. When you become number one, then everybody wants to beat you."


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