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Default Re: GREG HIGGINS - The Two Minute Interview

(Pete Brandenburg collection) In 1968 Bob Olson had twin Figure Eighters with
Pete Brandenburg in the #80 and Greg Higgins in the #90. If you look close you can see
the drag racing mask that Greg wore while driving.

(Pete Brandenburg collection) Here's the #90 on display at a car show just before
the 1968 season began. Higgins name is misspelled as "Gregg" on the door.

(Kent Moore collection) One of the many beautiful Eighters that Kent Moore owned
and Greg Higgins drove at Englewood. This one from 1971.

(Kent Moore collection) Dig this Jim Young built Late Model Chevelle that Greg wheeled,
complete with a 'groovy' vinyl top! The "Olson Twins" can be seen in the background to the right.

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