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Default Re: GREG HIGGINS - The Two Minute Interview

Here's some pics and comments from Jerry Lee:

(Kent Moore coll.) Greg Higgins bent the front end of this Eighter on the corner of the
East pit entrance at Englewood on hot lap day 1969. Check out the gnarly bend in that front end!
About 15 minutes later Greg then totaled his Late Model in the same place on the track.
Tommy Darrow (#67 background) would go on to win his third championship in a row in 1969. ---Jerry Lee

(Kent Moore coll.) Greg Higgins (middle blue shirt) won three Figure 8 championships
with owner Kent Moore (standing on the right). Looks like a storm brewing in the
background of this color shot from 1969 at Englewood Speedway. ---Jerry Lee

(George Harper coll.) In 1972 Greg Higgins (blue shirt) jumped ship from Kent Moore’s #29 (background)
to drive for George Harper (second from left). ---Jerry Lee

(J. L. McGuire coll.) Higgins piloted this beautiful Figure 8 in 1974 for ‘Cowboy’ Bob Warner.
Note: Every car pictured here was lettered and numbered by Pete Brandenburg. Recognize those #1’s?
The only thing missing is the “flame guy”!Check out the John Pierce 1960’s Modified by clicking HERE ---Jerry Lee

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