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Originally Posted by superstroke View Post
This is a great thread Bill. Did you get those drivers to pose for these pictures? I would have loved to have been there with you. We could have teamed up and lettered a bunch of those cars.......We could have been rich....or, MORE THAN LIKELY, we would have had a lot of free eggs, ham and CORN. Are many of these guys still with us?
Rick, I had no camera savey in those days. Got negatives for these photos from the original track photog years ago. A lucky find! You're right though, a lot of these cars could have used a little professional help! There actually was a sign guy in Sidney, but I wasn't smart enough to track him down and watch him work, even though I had a real apprecation for race car lettering. Model cars were my canvas back then. The Lafler brothers cars were lettered by their sister who had a professional art background.

Some good examples of early stock car lettering can be found in the W.A.R.C. book, such as the cars at Speedway Park in Ft. Collins. I've shown a couple below who were sponsored by sign shops. Don't know where Buckley Signs was, but Asmus Signs was a Ft. Collins Sign co., and has an ad in the W.A.R.C. book. Still listed, think I'm going to go find it. His competition in Ft. Collins was a Don Brown. There are examples of both their work around town, according to the web.

Indybigjohn that logo was as I remembered it to the best of my recollection. I first saw it on the back of a '37 Ford Fordor flatback, one of those shown below. Saw it on a car out at the Ideal Stone business so am assming it was the #23, but? Of all the photos I acquired from the track photg, haven't run across one showing that logo. Do remember it appearing professionally painted. All from 1951 are #15 unknown, #19 Whitey Hrbeck, and #23 Bud Trotter. Fewer and fewer of these guys still around.
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