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Default Re: Devils Motor Club

I'm glad you've saved and archived this bit of racing history for us, Bill. I've reread this thread a few times over since you started it a couple years ago. I just love those old "Jalopy" stock car pics from the '50's era of racing. Wish I could have experienced those type of races first hand, what a fun time I'm sure it was. Great that you've added more memories and pics to this story recently. The excitement you experienced as a kid really comes out in your words, which I can totally relate to when I was real young in the '60's and would spot those old Figure Eighters at a gas station, or in a field, and then got to watch them run out at Englewood. A very exciting time for me which I'll never forget. Like you, I can still vividly see and remember the colors of the cars. Great stuff here! Thanks for sharing.

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