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It seems to me that certain people think they have everything that ever happened written in stone. Being a life long racer myself, I know how some of these people can really get a case of the stupids. I'm pretty sure that the people that lived it KNOW what happened. If they weren't directly involved, I could see a little discrepancy in the information. That being said, it seems to me that someone just has the need for attention and definitely has a need for being right. I think the story telling should be left to the people that lived it and the bench racers should shut their pie holes and take what these Treasured people have to say to heart. Once they're gone you can tell whatever BS comes across your little pea brain to anyone that you like. Until then, Keep it to yourself. Chris has one of the best memories of anyone that I know about the things that went on in the good ol days, and all of it goes right along with what I know about it. To argue with a man about what color a car was, that HE OWNED?? Or to tell someone about their father's accomplishments, or what car they drove, when that person was THERE?? You've gotta be a special kind of stupid. I don't blame you Chris. Let the know it alls have at it. They'll have some grand old stories to tell the grandkids.
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