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It is time for the old "Professor" to retire. I have been challenged on my posts for the last time. I have always tried to be as accurate as possible and I am truly sorry if I've posted false or mistaken info on this forum. When I have someone correct me on what the color of one of my cars was when I bought it, that was bad, but to incessantly fact check me or use Google Earth to try to correct me was just flat insulting. This is primarily aimed at a couple of detractors and not all of you. I'm old and my memory may be starting to slip, so it's time to move on. So from now on I'll just sit in the basement and look at old photos and keep my memories to myself.
Please don't go anywhere. I am a new to this site. I joined to collect all the history I could find on Hector Honore and the Black Duce. To set up a museum, in Hector's and my home town. If we loose people like yourself, who lived and breathed it. Where are we going to get that knowledge. With out that history there are no history books, there will not be any Museums for Hector or anyone else that deserves it! You are giving those people what they want. 90% of the time they are jealous because the didn't live and breath it like yourself. Or trying to draw attention away from their own ignorance. I probably piss some people off, oh well! Oh yah, respect your elders. If someone tried to degrade my Grandpa like that, I would get out my can opener.
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