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Default Walt Killinger 1939 Pikes Peak

Dear fellow members,

I am asking anyone if they knew or know about Walt Killinger. I know he was a staple around Colorado, Denver area and was a driver and builder.

More Specifically, the man who I have been researching was also an old time race car driver and builder. His name was W.W. "Cockeye" Brown and ran a machine shop in Kansas City.

Walt Killinger raced a few times in Kansas City in the late Thirties and must have had contact with Brown.

Brown built a race car named the Straight 8 Special that Walt was commissioned to drive in the 1939 Pikes Peak Hill Climb. At some point during the climb, there were mechanical issues with the cooling so the car was retired.

Does anyone out there have any photos from the 1939 Pikes Peak Hill Climb with Walt Killinger and/or the car? Photos from this event seem to be very scarce. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I would like to learn more about Walt Killinger.

Thank You!
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