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Default Re: Lakeside photos from George Green collection

Wow, terrific photo's Rick, great collection, the shots from the grandstands are very interesting. You can spend hours looking at those, cars, drivers, trucks and etc. in the background, time machine.
In the "or a beer", group of midget photo's, the Kenz&Leslie #27 Kurtis Offy is national midget hot shot "Bullet" Joe Garson he drove for them during the 1949 RMMRA season, a east coast midget champ in 1938, 2 time west coast AAA midget champ in 1948 and 50'. He also won a 1958 Pacific Coast USAC midget title, and 10th in the champ car division at the Pikes Peak Hill Climb in 1954. He won one main event in 1949 for the K&L team, finished 5th in points.
Also, in the "and some Pretzels" midget collection, the #3 car owned by Burton and Miles Spickler is a brand new Kurtis Kraft, only this one has a Drake Motorcycle engine in it.
Frank Kurtis would build you a Offy, or V8-60 Ford, and a few Drake's, notice the single exhaust pipe, this would be 1946, I think Spickler's switched to Offy power in 1947.

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