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Red face Re: Manzanita Speedway-Another Ghost Track?

Good article on a great track, but I must to a little correcting; Manzanita sat idle in 1961 when Harry Redkey, and partner Nick Roberts signed a lease to re-open the track. Redkey started paying a $1,000 purse, against 40% of the gate. Everyone told him he was crazy, but he wanted the drivers from South Mountain Speedway to come over immediately. He was successful from the first race on, and South Mountain closed soon after. He also put the jalopies on Channel 5, live, I believe, and everyone told him he was crazy. The stands on Friday and Saturday were full from the first day through virtually his entire lease, which went to February, 1966, not 1965, when Keith Hall bought Redkey's lease and then bought the track.
Just wanted everyone to know Manzanita Speedway was saved from extinction by Harry Redkey, then made even more successful by Keith Hall through the 70's and 80's. Mel Martin was offered decent money to sell to a racer, but turned it down for even more money, thereby closing what was arguably the greatest dirt track in the country. Yeah, I know Ascot was great, as is Knoxville and others, but Manzy was special.
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