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Default Re: More Lakeside Coupes – “Who Are These Guys?”

Originally Posted by Jerry Lee View Post
While Spring cleaning the storage bins of an auto racing ‘pack rat’, here’s just a few of the dozens of photos I found and forgot I had.

From the C.A.R.C. archives comes these “crew shots” I copied featuring people I know little or nothing about. You Lakeside guys can fill in the blanks and school us all on these great snapshots of racing past.

(CARC Archives) What kid wouldn’t want that Quarter Midget coupe?

(CARC Archives) Bob Robertson, 1963. Which one is Bob? Same B.R. that ran Figure 8’s at Englewood?

(CARC Archives) I think that's Bob McDowell on the far right.

(CARC Archives)

(CARC Archives/Duncan Photographers)

(CARC Archives) I wonder what street this was on?

(CARC Archives)

(CARC Archives)

(CARC Archives) Cool pic of the Modifieds all packed into the Lakeside pits.

(CARC Archives)

(CARC Archives) Lloyd and Larry McLaughlin. ARM’s own COUPE RACER!

(CARC Archives) Someone once told me that the guy on the left was RMMRA Midget historian
Gary Martelon as a pitman. My question is…..did their driver really climb in and out of that
little hole on top of the car?
the street the 63 is on is 32nd and umatilla just off Vallejo st where some great engines were built at custom grinders by Ed Smith in the flathead and in line 6 cylinder days, I got to learn a lot from Mr smith, and also drank a lot of coffee with him there at the corner cafe, look at my number 63, and the one with starks and crew? one and the same? I had this picture of the 63 but lost it somewhere along the line with too many others. Harold Schafer
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