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Default Bud Potter escapes sure death at Lakeside 1961

(Courtesy of Big West Racing photo gallery) On July 30, 1961, Bud Potter violently flipped
his Modified coupe in turn 3 at Lakeside Speedway after coming in contact with the #84.
(Maybe one of you LS guys can identify this driver)

(J.L. McGuire collection) Bud and his #9 coupe are completely crushed after the #84 comes to
a rest on top of it.

(CARC archives) Crews are unsure how to pull Potter out of the wreckage.

(CARC archives) After flipping the car back over, one wonders how Bud Potter crawled from
this wreckage without a scratch on him.

(CARC archives) Bud "POT" Potter went on to race another day after tempting fate that night.
He's lucky to be standing unhurt next to the carnage that should have killed him.

Now here's the rumor about this freak accident that maybe one of you guys can clarify. I heard the reason that this roll cage caved in on Bud was because it was made of tubing from an old kiddie's swing set. Anyone ever heard this??

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