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Default Re: Bud Potter escapes sure death at Lakeside 1961

Great info, Chuck. I like how the stories told over the years go from a single bed post to a full kiddie's swing set.

Would have loved to see the car after they tried to bang the dents out of what was left of the body. And the oversized roll bars are a hoot!

.....and I haven't thought about the sight of one of those long lost box-type Enco stations in a long time. Remember when there seemed to be an old race car sitting outside every other one you ran across? Seems I remember it always said Happy Motoring over the bay doors of every station.

Check out the names in this old Enco ad from a '60's program. John Shine, Don Maus, and Don Roby were big names in the Denver racing scene.....

(J.L. McGuire collection)

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