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Larry, Please check your PMs - Malloy group wanting to contact you to discuss your knowledge of Malloy Special.
Carl Schulz
Originally Posted by Larry Nelosn View Post
Marc, imagine my surprise when i "Googled" Malloy Special and found myself here. I am Larry N. Nelson. My Dad, Dolor (JIM) Nelson worked for Emmet Malloy back in the 1950's as a heavy equipment operator and mechanic. He worked on the Malloy Special when it was being built. I remember that they had the car out in an abandoned gas station out in the middle of an oil field. I went out with my Dad just after they received the Offie. When i walked into the shop the floor was covered with white sheets and the engine was field stripped and they were Magni-Fluxing every part. I got to sit in the care and "pretend" I was at Indy. A very big thrill for me I can tell you. My Dad and I traveled back to Indy in 1954 & 1955 with the car and watched the race. I met and talked to Jimmy Reece both years I was back there, very nice guy. I remember Emmet very well, not sure that I ever met Tom however. At the time I was in my early teens. I went to work with my Dad and hung out at the equipment yard many times. I went out on a job with my Dad, he was demoing a Church for Emmet on a weekend and Dad got hooked into one of the walls and the bucket came loose and collapsed the boom back over the cab of the machine! He and I spent the next four hours taking off the boom and replacing it to finish the job. Lots of good memories associated with those times. I am not sure how old your post is, forgot to check, but hope you get this. My best to Tom. Larry Nelson
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