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Default Re: ENGLEWOOD SPEEDWAY The Figure 8 Revolution

(Photo by Dynamic Photos) Typical Englewood Figure 8 action at the X featuring Ron Warthen #10,
Chuck Kacin #98, Terry Martinez #110, Terry Boyle #42, and Rick Roe #12 in 1976.

(Photo by Unique) Stopping for traffic at the X could prove hazardous as Don Forsyth found out in 1976.

(J.L. McGuire collection) Jack Voorhis #29 and David Sigrist in a ’56 Mercury battle it out during
1972 action at Englewood Speedway.

(J.L. McGuire collection) Larry Rankine required medical attention after this plunge into the Englewood X in 1968.

(Kent Moore collection) Three top contenders on the 8 for 1970 were Greg Higgins #29,
Bill Van Gundy #128, and Bobby Jackson #2.

(Photo by Mel Keller/Irwin Fogel coll.) Big Jim Coffey (right) was another colorful character in
Colorado’s Figure 8 folklore. This is Jim’s gold #37 from 1970.

(Photo by Dynamic) Dave Smith #81 locks horns with John Cleveland #01 during a 1976 heat race.

(J.L. McGuire collection) Infamous Englewood flagman Don Styes waves Tommy Darrow #1
to this trophy dash win in 1975 with Jack Voorhis #32 in hot pursuit.

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