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Default Re: ENGLEWOOD SPEEDWAY – The Figure 8 Revolution

(J.L. McGuire collection) Future Figure 8 star Herb Fish is on his way over during 1965 action
at Englewood.

(Pete Brandenburg collection) Pete Brandenburg wheeled this Vern Coyle/Joe Lehman owned
Eighter to a win in 1965. This ’55 Chevy was painted up metallic blue and lettered to
match Lehman’s #6 Modified that year. Also note this was before Figure Eighters used
negative camber on the front wheels.

(J.L. McGuire collection) Jersey Pierce was nicknamed “Fearless” during ‘60’s Figure 8 folklore
for his wild and ‘all out’ style of racing. Not to be confused with “Fearless” Freddie Harding
of the ‘70’s.

(J.L. McGuire collection) Don Tram flips the #32E during 1966 Figure 8 action while Al Beeson
#286, Pete Brandenburg #80, Tommy Darrow #67, and Bobby Jackson #116 speed by.

(J.L. McGuire collection) Ray Raichart was another Englewood Figure 8 pioneer. This 1965
photo also shows the eventual Figure 8 champion for that year in the background,
Arnie Kautz’s white #18 Ford. Next to that is Lee Stogsdill’s twin #118 car. Lee went on to
become the 1966 champion.

(Jay Newton collection) Jay Newton #0 takes this Figure 8 main event from Tommy Darrow
#67 in 1969 at Englewood.

(Jay Newton collection) Remember Jay Newton’s “Donut car” from 1969? This ’56 Buick was
a crowd favorite and tough to beat.

(Kent Moore collection) A 1969 trophy dash pile up featuring Darrell Smith #3, Greg Higgins
#29, and Jack Voorhis #32.

(J.L. McGuire collection) Ivan Chambers in a fiery barrel-roll during 1972 action.

(J.L. McGuire collection) Looks like Bobby Cole lost an engine after this nasty smack into
the Englewood concrete in 1975.

(Photo by Jerry Lee McGuire) Darrell Smith #1 hits the dirt while Ed Hall #5, Terry
Martinez #42, and Dave Smith #81 roar by during 1977 action at Englewood.

(Photo by Jerry Lee McGuire) Dale Ward in the NASTY 40 timing in on a hot Englewood
afternoon during the 1977 season.
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