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Exclamation Welcome to Auto Racing Memories

Welcome to (ARM). Auto racing history does not belong to any individual, group, or company. Instead, auto racing history belongs to all of us. It also belongs to our children and our children's children. And if we are not good stewards of our history it will be lost forever. If you are a auto racing enthusiast like we are at ARM you will be excited to learn that at this website we intend to document, restore, discover, and most importantly keep auto racing history alive!

At Auto Racing Memories EVERYONE can add, comment, and contribute to this website and thereby document and preserve auto racing history for all of us.

ARM is essentially a internet forum separated into categories such as: General , Midgets, Sprint Cars, Stock Cars, Modifieds, Drag Racing, Drivers, Race Tracks, Checkered Flag, Chit Chat and more!

To get started at Auto Racing Memories simply register for your free account. Then browse to our forums. You can start a new discussion by clicking on the forum category that interests you can then click "New Thread". Or add to an existing discussion by clicking "New Reply" (from within the thread itself).

You can upload images to your own photo albums here.

After adding photos to your album(s) you can integrate those potos into your posts by copying the [ img ] code from the page of the photo you wish share.

You can also attach photos to the bottom of any post by clicking "Manage attachments" in the new/edit post form.

Make sure to review our FAQ for other tips and tricks.

But most of all make sure to spread the word and let all your friends know that Auto Racing Memories is now better than ever and is dedicated to keeping racing history alive!
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