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Default Re: ENGLEWOOD SPEEDWAY – ‘50’s Jalopy Action

(Ken Tadolini collection) More Jalopy action from Englewood Speedway in the ‘50’s with John
Tadolini #14 and Eke Chapin #70 “dancing” through the turn. Looks like Eke is trying to read
a map or something to get around the track.

(Roger Avants collection) By the mid-to-late ‘50’s the Jalopies were known as ‘Stockers’.
Here’s a Walter Avants owned car that looks as though it just arrived in the pits at Englewood.
It’s a sure bet that this car wouldn’t stay clean for very long, if the mud on the car in the
background is any indication to what the track was like. Check out the hand painted number
boards tacked up on a very “clean” Englewood pit fence. Must have been the days before
paint came in a spray can!

(Ken Tadolini collection) John Tadolini picks up another win sometime during the 1955 season
at Englewood. Dig the half buried tires they used on the inside of the track.

More to come……….
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