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Default Re: ENGLEWOOD SPEEDWAY – ‘50’s Jalopy Action

(J.L. McGuire collection) Here’s more ‘50’s Jalopy action from Englewood. It’s a sure bet there
wasn’t much left of this car once he stopped tumbling through the turn.

(J.L. McGuire collection) Russ Forbes #109 and later Lakeside legend Bill Starks #44 after
some kind of skirmish on the Englewood dirt in 1951.

(J.L. McGuire collection) In 1953 Charlie Codner had the track surface converted over to clay.
Here’s an ad that ran that year in the Rocky Mountain News. By the 1954 season the track
was back to dirt again.

(J.L. McGuire collection) #83 is helped around by #25 on Englewood’s “experimental”
clay surface in 1953.

(J.L. McGuire collection) #63 landed “butt up” in front of the grandstands at Englewood in
this ‘50’s Jalopy shot. Either this was during a hot lap session early in the afternoon, or
everyone ran for cover as there doesn’t seem to be the usual packed seating area.

(J.L. McGuire collection) No doubt Harry Lofgren wished he had a full roll cage after this
tumble along the Englewood guardrail during ‘50’s Jalopy action.

(Paul Andersen collection) Paul Andersen picks up a trophy in his Stocker during the 1959
season at Englewood. This was the last season the track had a dirt surface.

Like some of you guys said earlier, this is a great era of racing. Please add to this thread with any photos or memories you might have from the “golden days” of 1950’s Jalopy racing at Englewood Speedway.
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