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Default Re: New Member Raced at lakeside CO in mid 80s

Originally Posted by thpracing View Post
hey danny---82 was the first year of the limited latemodels at lakeside and as far as I know, Doug was the first champ---he won the championship in the last few weeks, after chasing us ----the difference was only a few points---lot of fast cars in that field, but Moose and Doug were the ones to beat!!!---everyone who saw the petty car during preseason thought it was the car to beat--unfortunatly, we had to replace the body for the last race or 2 and it slowed us down just enuff to lose the championship--when u and Moose raced each other in 84, it was in our stogsdill dodge---what did u end up doing after Lakeside....kt
Originally Posted by lakeside #29 View Post
Hi Danny, Glad you found this site. There's a lot Lakeside and Englewood guys on here regularlly. I hope you enjoy yourself. Are you still doing Corvette work?
Looking forward to your photos and stories.
Corvettes? Shhhh! LOL Not really I sold my shop and retired but once in a while I'll get talked into working on one .I sold my last Vette to some guy in Texas on E bay It was changed over to a right hand drive .Total pain in the butt but kinda cool I love this site .So many stories I can't wait to hear.
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