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Default Re: Track Photographer, 1950, Englewood Speedway

Originally Posted by Mitch G. View Post
Bob, great to have you!PLEEEEEEZZZZZZZZZ post what you can we would love to see whatever you can dig up for us. Very few people left who were closely associated with those early midget days, gives us what you can!!
Howdy Mitch... Did you see the pictures I posted yesterday? Most of the pics need names as my memory is half vast.
In 1950 I was working at the Denver Post delivering mail inside the Post editorial building and after work I spent time with the Post photogs as an unpaid apprentice photographer. Another Post employee, Ray Bridgeman, turned me on to Midget Racing. Ray was learning to be a flag man and knew more of the drivers than I did. Ray might still be living in the Denver Area, I haven't seen Ray in almost 40 years. Ray went into the Navy in 1950, and I went into the Navy in 1951. In 1954 both of our ships arrived in Hong Kong at the same time and we had liberty together. Ray was a Yeoman on the USS Missouri, a Battleship, and I was an aerial photographer on the USS Kenneth Whiting, AV-14, a seaplane tender. Ray is in the picture I took at Ray Koch's MHRA office in his motorcycle shop on west Colfax.
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