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Default Re: Track Photographer, 1950, Englewood Speedway

Originally Posted by Jerry Lee View Post
Great stuff Bob! Tell us more!

Do you remember if the main grandstands at Englewood in 1950 were on the North side or the South side of the track?? I've done a lot of research on Englewood, but can't seem to nail down about when they were moved from the South side to the North.

Jerry Lee... The grandstand was on the south side of the track in 1950, parallel with Oxford Ave, and running from east to west. The pit entrance was on the west end of the track. The east end was fenced off.
During WWII and a little further west of the race track was Fort Logon where my mother and I went with my mother's friend to visit her husband who was stationed there After WWII Ft Logan became a residence for guards who worked at "The Federal Correctional Institution" and their families. After a few years it then became a Mental Health Center as it still is... West of Fort Logon is the Fort Logan cemetery where thousands of Veterans and their families are buried.
Here's a Carter Family website with a liitle more history of the area.
Scroll down to "Englewood Speedway"
Family Ties - Carter Family.... click here, or copy and paste to your browser.

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