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Default Re: Track Photographer, 1950, Englewood Speedway

Originally Posted by Mitch G. View Post
Bob, fantastic photo's!!! of course Lloyd Axel is in the #5, in that first shot of the #6 car, which might be the "Bussard Offy", maybe Joe Allslpach at the wheel. The #55 in the background is Earl Kuba's Offy. The #16 is none other that Jud Larson in the M.A. Walker Offy out of Texas, Larson won one of the mains that season. The "Arrow Auto Parts car is driven by Jack Pray. I'm working on the other photo's, hey Bob did you know LeRoy Byers very well??
Mitch... That name, LeRoy Byers, doesn't ring a bell.... I knew the Malloy brothers who raced at Indy, but I don't remember where I knew them from. It might be from school, or from work. Thanks for the other driver's names, I'll annotate the pics on my computer.... In 1947 I quit school after I discovered fast cars, girls, and booze. For a few months in 1947 I was working three jobs until I got a job at the Denver Post, November 27, 1948, age 16. After I quit school in 1947 I first got a job as a "Pearl Diver" at a 24 hour restaurant here in Englewood called Del's Grill in the 3400 block of South Broadway. I was paid an astounding .50 cents an hour. One night our cook got drunk, a three hundred pound lady from Texas nmaed "Tex" failed to show up and I got a battlefield promotion to chief cook and bottle washer with a 10 cents an hour raise. Del's Grill was owned by William Delzell who also taught at Englewood Jr High School. Sometime later I got another job and after I got off work at 7 a.m. or so, I would walk around the corner to Girard St and help wash buses owned by "Buss" Bussard. I got to drive Buss's buses out to the routes with a "training supervisor" because I was still 15. "Buss" Bussard also owned property in Littleton, Colorado along the west side of the Platte river where he dredged sand by many the ton! After I was done at the Buss Bussard bus garage I would go to work at Turner's Horse Stables as a pilot... I would clean the stalls and "pile it" outside. Also I'd help saddle the horses for the morning riding classes. I actually started working at the stable when I was 12 years old because it was three blocks from home on south Downing and it paid a fantastic $1.50 a day in 1944. Cigarettes were 15 cents a pack back then. I started smoking when I was 11 and quit when I was 68, nine years ago.... But I got to ride horses for free at Turner's Stables after my work was done. For a couple of years I was able to go as a groom to the National Western Stock Show with the Turner's Show Horses. The Turners had a blue ribbon winning Palomino named "Top Hat" a.k.a. "Topper." He was a multi-gaited horse that could also count with he's foot and do tricks. Being a groom was a neat way to get into the Stock Show free... For a couple of months in 1948 I had a job delivering bottled LP gas to homes and trailers. But it wasn't what I wanted to do because It was dirty, dangerous, and damn hard work lifting full 200 lb LP bottles off the old truck I was given to drive.. I'm sure glad I can share a touch of history before I lose (the rest of) my memory! Hope I've stirred up some memories.
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