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Default Re: Track Photographer, 1950, Englewood Speedway

Originally Posted by Jerry Lee View Post
Thanks Bob! You are the missing piece to a puzzle I've been working on for quite a few years.

When Charlie Codner bought Englewood Speedway from Ed Clark & Carroll Quelland in 1950, Codner did some track renovation before the season started. Another big renovation of the facility was done again before the 1952 season and the track was touted in newspaper ads as "The New Englewood Speedway". Through my research I narrowed down the seating change to either '50 or '52, but those I interviewed who were there at that time could not remember. Your recollection now leads me to believe that the grandstands were moved to the North during the 1952 reconstruction of the track. Thank you!

Over the years I ran across a couple other Englewood photographers who had thrown out their negatives and prints because they figured no one would be interested in them years later. Kind of sickening to think about all that great history rotting away in a landfill somewhere. I'm glad you saved yours and shared them with us.
Glad I saved my negatives also, Jerry Lee....
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If you can find and contact Ray Bridgeman, who is around 79 years old, he might be an encyclopedia of Englewood Speedway information. In 1950 Ray was the 18 year old "Flagman in training" at the Englewood Speedway. He might still live in the Metro Denver area.
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