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Default Re: Track Photographer, 1950, Englewood Speedway

Bob, what fascinating stories, must have been good times. Funny how some path's don't cross, LeRoy Byers is considered one of the finest auto racing photographers in the country, he's 80 years old this year, he also started shooting in 1950, he followed the midgets the most as he started attending the midget shows at Lakeside in the 1940's. LeRoy was in Korea in 51' and 52' I think, he has a huge warehouse on Cherokee street where he keeps numerous midgets, one of which is the fully restored Lloyd Axel #5 Kurtis Offy, it's beautiful.
Almost any auto racing publication regarding midgets or midget history has his photo's, and he was featured in an article in "Open Wheel Magazine" sometime in the 80's, he shot thousands of black and white photo's from 1950 till the late 1980's. My dad turned 80 in July he to was in Korea in 51 and 52, he raced coupes at Lakeside from 1955 till 1958 and raced a midget at Englewood on the dirt for the 1959 season. Keep posting your stories, and any photo's you find, your history is valuable to the sport!!
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