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Default Coupe faces 1962

Thanks to Parrot for guiding me to the location of this item!! I just added it so it makes a better post, I forgot it was included in my dads profile.
My dad does not remember much about drawing the CARC Lakeside Speedway program with coupes and the drivers faces pasted on the drawing. I have the Scott Duncan 8x10's, but I don't have a copy of the program in my collection. It seems to me the program cover may have been posted on the old ARM site.
I'll start with the drivers I know, and let the Professor, and the other coupe faculty, fill in the blanks.

Sam Sauer, can anyone I.D. the trophy girl? how about who lettered the Boots Texaco #28?

Jim Malloy, maybe his daughter? Gotta' love the lightweight fuel tank, and the leather belt around the door pillar. Inline 6 in the engine compartment?

The Pachello 19, Don Wilson with trophy girl again, any I.D.? V8 flat head power there.

Jack? puts STP in this coupe with another Ford flathead V8, must go to "Tony's Bar & Cafe". What year and model car is this? 32 Vicky? Strangely, written on the back of this photo is the name, Lester Kelly, dated 08/5/60.

Who's this? Straight Six in the engine bay, what year and model is this Sedan?. All the photo's are dated 1961 except the photo of the #85.
Have at it coupe experts!

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