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Default Re: Coupe faces 1962

Thanks for the info, everyone!

One Friday that had to have been in early 1962 (probably March), my mom Betty had told my sister Teri and me that Uncle John and Aunt Margaret were going to come over later that day -- and that the race car would be with them! Oh, man, I couldn't wait -- I stayed on the porch of that house on Green Court for HOURS, waiting for them to arrive! What a treat --- both my cousins AND the race car in one shot (and, being all of 5 back then, this was a real treat!)! Well, daytime turned into nighttime, and it was fairly late when they did get there. The kids didn't make the trip with them after all; when I went outside to look at the car, I found that the body wasn't on it! I vaguely remember hearing something about it needing some work, and would be picked up the following week. While somewhat disappointed, I thought it was still neat to see what the car looked like without the body (even though it was almost as dark as molasses by then!). Teri and I were promised to be able to look at it once the body went back on. Sadly, as I recall, it was less than 3 weeks later that John passed away; hard as I tried, I couldn't get my mom to take me to the races after that....
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