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Default Re: Coupe faces 1962

Chris: Yes! Thanks for jogging my memory. Went to my photo collection and found the program write-up on Bob Busheff that I got somewhere. Since Don Palmer took over the Hudson sedan, just supposed after seeing this #12 photo if that was Don's old #78. Bet you'd know. Bob had some good rides including at least a couple of cars built by Tom Barton. In a '56 program I have he's shown in second place in the points race. That car, I believe, was the first '32 Victoria at Lakeside. Driving the #12 was his return in 1962 after a bad accident in 1958. I've heard the story from other sources as well about what really happened. Bob is gone now, but I don't believe that the results of that accident had anything to do with his passing. By the way, I think that John Palmer had another Hudson prior to that sedan. In another photo somewhere there is a rather large appearing 3 window coupe, #68, of unknown make. Just guessing it also was a Hudson.

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